Portrait Schlumpf

Tom „Wood“ Donohue, Bass + Gesang

Equipment: Warwick Streamer Pro M, Streamer Pro M fretless, Thumb Bass, FNA Jazzman 2002 LTD, Tobias Classic 5, Fender Jazz (79), Sandberg Basic "Ken Taylor" six string, EBS Gorm Combo, Tech TVM-600, 6x12 Cabinet (Hot!!!)

Heroes: Geddy Lee, Mark King, Chris Squire, Victor Wooten, Brian Bromberg, Jeff Berlin, Lee Ritenour, Phil Keaggy, Neil Peart, Omar Hakim, Snoopy, myself... ;-)

Gespielt in den Bands: Nightwing, Ruffian, Split Decision, Franklin's Kite, Splash
Thanks to: My parents for making a dream come true and "accidently buying" me a bass guitar. Want to especially thank my wife Angel for "kick starting" me when I had given the instrument up and got "too serious" with my life. Much love to my kids; Tommy, Rebecca and Lee. A shout out and long distance hug to my "baby" brother Mike and especially to my brother Jimmy, who has passed on at such a young age. Their energy is my rhythm...